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India’s ‘Crorepati’ PM doesn’t own a car

NEW DEHLI: India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi owns assets worth over Rs 20 million, Indian media reported while quoting the latest declaration of assets released by his Office.

Modi has Rs 11,29,690 deposited in a State Bank of India account in Gandhinagar and Rs 1,07,96,288 in another SBI account.

He owns gold worth more than Rs 1 lakh and has less than Rs 2 lakh tied up investments.

The Indian prime minister also owns one-fourth share worth approximately Rs10 million in a residential building in Gandhinagar, a plot that Modi bought in 2002 for Rs 1.3 lakh.

He does not have any car or bike, neither does he have any loans.

The Indian PM’s investments include a tax-saving L&T Infrastructure Bond currently worth Rs 20,000, a National Saving Certificate (a government bond) worth Rs 5,18,235 and Life Insurance Policies worth Rs 1,59,281.

In immovable assets, he has just one property – a one-fourth share in a residential building in Gandhinagar.



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