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India says spy confessions ‘tutored’

“We have seen a video released by Pakistani authorities of a former Indian naval officer, doing business in Iran, who is in Pakistani custody under unexplained circumstances,” an statement of Indian Ministry of External Affairs said.

The individual’s televised statements had no basis in fact, it said. “That the individual claims to make the statements of his own free will not only challenges credulity but clearly indicates tutoring.”

The statement further said that despite New Delhi’s request, Indian consular officials were not allowed access to him.

“We have not been given consular access to an Indian national under detention in a foreign country, as is the accepted international practice. We are naturally concerned about his wellbeing in these circumstances.”

The Indian statement also denied the spying allegations. “Government categorically rejects allegations that this individual was involved in subversive activities in Pakistan at our behest. Our enquiries reveal that he apparently was being harassed while operating a legitimate business from Iran,” the statement said.

“While we probe this aspect further, his presence now in Pakistan raises questions, including the possibility of his abduction from Iran. This would become clear only if we are given consular access to him and we urge the Government of Pakistan to respond immediately to our request.”

Pakistan on Friday protested to India after arresting a man in a raid in Balochistan, suspected of being an Indian spy.

Local media reports quoting local security officials, calling him an agent with India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) intelligence agency.

A Pakistani foreign ministry statement described the incident as the “illegal entry into Pakistan by a RAW officer and his involvement in subversive activities in Balochistan and Karachi”.

It said the Indian High Commissioner had been summoned by the Foreign Secretary so he could convey his “protest and deep concern”.



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