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India seen behind terrorism activities in Pakistan: survey

The survey titled People’s perception survey, “Political Barometer, 2015,”reveals that about 55 percent of respondents believe India is involved behind terrorism in Pakistan. Another 29 percent blame the US for sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan. Overall, 79 percent of the respondents see a foreign hand behind terrorism in Pakistan.

The survey based on the perceptions of 3,014 respondents, during the period starting from August 25, 2105 to September 10, 2015, has identified Rangers/Army as the leading forces in controlling corruption, followed by media and the superior judiciary. Police on the other hand is perceived as the most corrupt department.

As many as 90 percent respondents hailed china as the most reliable friend and consider China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) a game changer of which 80 percent believe that the project will promote mutually beneficial trade with China.

PTI popular

The survey says 23 percent of the respondents perceive unemployment as the biggest challenge Pakistan is facing, while 21 percent see corruption and loadshedding followed by 17 percent  terrorism as challenges facing the country.

On the performance of chief ministers in controlling corruption, Sindh province is at the bottom, where according to 67.3 percent of the respondents the performance is unsatisfactory, followed by Balochistan, where 59.1 percent of the respondents termed the performance as unsatisfactory. Punjab is third in a raw, with 45.8 percent are not happy with the performance. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is almost evenly divided in opinion, where 44.4 percent of the respondents are not happy with the performance of their chief minister in controlling corruption, whereas, 43.6 percent perceive his performance as satisfactory.

According to the survey, the PTI is rising in popularity nationwide enjoying the support of 32.5 percent of respondents, closely chased by the PML-N floating at the support of 27.6 percent of respondents. The PPP settles at the third place, enjoying the support of 14.5 percent respondents. In the forthcoming local government elections, they will vote not on the party lines, rather they would consider local issues and personalities as important considerations.

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