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Indian farmers refuse to export tomatoes to Pakistan after Pulwama

Following the Pulwama attack which left nearly 40 Indian soldiers dead, India has been unjustly accusing Pakistan of fomenting terrorism on its soil, a baseless accusation which Pakistan has repeatedly denied.

Keeping its tradition of threatening Pakistan, Indian government, politicians and media personalities are calling for action against Pakistan, but the only action they could take so far now was refusing to export tomatoes to Pakistan.

In a video that’s doing rounds on social media, farmers from Indian state of Madhya Pradesh are seen accusing Pakistan of being behind the Pulwama attack.

The video is reportedly from Petlawad town of Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh.

A farmer, Ravindra Patida, can be seen saying in the video that they will not sell tomatoes to Pakistan from now on.

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According to Indian media, the Petlawad town, whose farmers have refused from exporting tomatoes to Pakistan, has a community of nearly 5000 farmers.

However, India has failed to acknowledge the fact that Pakistan is not dependent on Indian tomatoes for its consumption, and produces a big chunk of its requirements locally.

The rest of the requirements are fulfilled by importing the vegetable from friendly countries as Afghanistan and Iran.



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