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Indian actress Sana Khan backs out of movie for ‘unreasonable item song’

Sana will star opposite Sharman Joshi and Gurmeet Choudhary. The erotic thriller is produced by T-Series and is directed by Vishal Pandya who also helmed Hate Story 3.

The actress had to do a item number that required her to dance with multiple actors. The actress was also supposed to don skimpy outfits as well.


But being blunt in her stance, Sana hinted she was uncomfortable with the idea and backed out at the eleventh hour. The producers had to hunt for a replacement in a hurry and the shoot was postponed.

The filming only began on Sunday. The song was Mere Samne Jab Tum Aati Ho. The debutante told, “The film is a thriller with some bold scenes like every other film in the genre today.


“I was comfortable doing the intimate scenes with one co-star but when it came to multiple actors, I put my foot down. Somehow we worked things out and another actress is doing the song now.” The lady however refused to divulge which actress is doing the song now.


The movie is a suspense thriller and has a very strong script which is performance oriented for which director Vishal Pandya has planned workshops.

“It is a fierce character, I play a lawyer. It is a very well-written role. The film has songs, there is a bit of masala, which could be ‘steamy’ (laughs). In a film, you have two people romancing, crying, fighting, so you’ll also have them love-making, the actress told Bollywood Life.



“It is not a big deal. I am happy with the feedback I’m getting so far for my performance. It is heartening.” She also cleared rumours of her going under the knife in that interview.


She said, “People can check my social media accounts. I have not been missing socially at all. If you do a major surgery, you can’t be partying for a month, at least.


“I have been attending social dos throughout. I don’t think I have a great body. I am working hard to look more toned and chiselled. My face still looks the same. I have a tendency to put on weight so I am careful about my diet.

“I have the body of an Indian woman and always tell my costume designer that I am not skinny. The clothes have to flatter my natural shape. Everything looks big on 70mm (laughs).

“Honestly, I don’t get the hullabaloo about surgery. What’s the big deal? Nowadays, girls who don’t belong to the industry get such surgeries done. There are applications to make us look prettier.”


I am not anti-cosmetic surgery. If I feel it will make a world of difference, I will opt for it,” she added.



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