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Indian airline torments passengers by putting AC on blast

Air Asia, an Indian airline, travelling from Kolkata to Bagdogra has been accused of mistreating its passengers for putting the air-conditioning blower on full in order to disembark passengers from the plane.

According to NDTV, the airline was delayed by four hours and the passengers were seated inside the airplane. When the airline’s crew asked passengers to deplane without an explanation, after being late for several hours, the passengers refused to comply, it was then the crew blasted the air-conditioning at full.

Indian Oil Corporation Executive Director Dipankar Ray, who was among flight’s passengers, also complained about the crew’s nonprofessional and rude behavior.

“The flight was scheduled to depart at 9 am and was initially delayed by 30 minutes. After boarding, we kept sitting inside the aircraft for one-and-a-half hours with no food or water at all,” Ray told NDTV.

“When passengers refused to deboard due to heavy rains outside, the captain put the air-conditioning blower on full blast to hound the passengers out. It created a scary scene as heavy fog was created inside the plane and it was very suffocating,” he added.

Ray uploaded a video on his Facebook profile where passengers can be seen arguing with the on-board staff to switch off the blower.

Air Craft is on fire ..Not exactly. Flight no I5 582 of Air Asia to Bagdogra. First they pushed back, then returned to bay .. then anounced technical snag. Kept stationary for one hour on tarmac to instruct deplaning. When passengers objected, put blowers in full blast to hound passengers out. Simply suffocating kids …No food or water in beteeen.This is the way Aviation industry work in India. This #AirAsiaservice was perticularly scary …Avoid Air Aisia …

Publiée par Dipankar Ray sur Mardi 19 juin 2018

According to the Facebook post, AirAsia, the flight in question had explained that the four-hour delay was due to a “technical snag.”

The fog depicted in Ray’s video was a “normal occurrence” that takes place “when the air conditioning is operated in high humidity conditions,” AirAsia’s representative clarified.

The representative added: “There was no danger to any of the occupants on-board the aircraft as the cool conditioned air being circulated was condensing.”




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