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Indian army returns Pakistani boy back to his country

Sameer Kayani, a resident of Laswa area of Athmuqam which is part of the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, violated the Line of Control inadvertently. The 11 year-old boy crossed into Indian Occupied Kashmir and was spotted by troops deployed in the forward areas.

After intercepting the boy, the Indian army sent an urgent hot line message to the Pakistani side. Indian army officials disclosed that the Pakistan Army was called to apprise them as regards to the safety of the apprehended boy. Also, a flag meeting was also requested so that the boy could be repatriated back to Pakistan.

“The flag meeting was held at the Teetwal Crossing Point and the boy was handed over to representatives of Pakistan Army by the unit based at Tanghdar frontier area,” the officials said.

As a goodwill gesture, the Indian Army handed the boy new clothes and sweets, to take to his family across the border.



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