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Indian artists unsafe in their own country: Actress Noor

Film actress Noor said that in India, human rights were being clearly abrogated. She was also of the view that Indian artists were not safe in their own country.

She also said that ever since Modi came into power, extremist Hindus have obtained the licence to carry out persecution. These extremists target minorities as and when they want. Also, Noor said that they target Muslims in India to achieve their malicious agenda.

Noor said that artists were ambassadors of peace and friendship, hence they should not be involved politically. She also shared her thoughts on Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and said that ever since partition, India has always tried to bully Pakistan into submission. However, she said that God had granted Pakistan the atom bomb, due to which India’s attitude towards Pakistan had changed drastically.

Speaking on the Aamir Khan issue, the actress said that Shiv Sena had forced Aamir Khan to leave India along with his family, which was indeed a slap on the face of Indian democracy.

Indian actor Aamir Khan was in crisis recently after he spoke at an awards ceremony and in response to a question, lauded the artists for returning their awards in protest of growing intolerance in India. He also said that he was ‘alarmed’ at some incidents in India and even his wife Kiran had suggested they move out of India. After this, Aamir had to deal with a severe backlash as some members of the Indian film industry (including Anupam Kher) slammed him for issuing such statements.
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Following Aamir Khan’s remarks, Shiv Sena had offered a ‘reward’ of Indian rupees 100,000 per slap to anyone who would slap the Bollywood actor.
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