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Indian couple from Amritsar claim Geeta as their daughter

We were hoping that Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan might enable Indian girl Geeta to be reunited with her family back home. A family from the Indian city of Amritsar claimed that the deaf and mute girl was their daughter.

The couple, Rajesh Kumar and Ram Dulari conveyed to the Indian daily Hindustan Times that Geeta, the 23 year-old Indian deaf and mute girl in Karachi, was their daughter. The news was informed to the Indian daily by the couple’s 14 year-old son Raju. When a news channel excitedly called Geeta and attempted to reunite her with her family. However, the estranged Indian girl, via her interpreter, conveyed to the channel (after viewing the photographs of Rajesh Kumar and Ram Dulari) that both were not her parents.

She told the interpreter that her mother and women in her family wore sarees not Punjabi salwar- kameez as Ram Dulari was attired in. When informed about the family’s intention to claim Geeta as their daughter, this is what Pakistani humanitarian Ansar Burney said:-

“This is a major development. I will meet the family when I go to India. We could go for a DNA test to verify their claim,” he said. “My suggestion is that the girl should be taken to India. I appeal to the Indian government to take up this case proactively.”




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