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WATCH: Indian farmer contracts ‘Beiber fever’, performs rendition of hit song

A local farmer in the village of Karnataka, India supposedly came down with a serious case of the ‘Beiber fever’, singing and mimicking the chartbusting hit-single ‘baby’ by pop star, Justin Beiber.

A recent video of the farmer named Pradeep HR, singing and aping Bieber’s unique vocal styling, performance, gestures has gone viral.

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The 3-minute-10-second long video shared on YouTube shows a farmer working on the field when he is interrupted by the man filming him.

After a brief conversation with him, the farmer, upon the man’s insistence, takes out his mobile phone and plays Bieber’s 2009 hit ‘Baby’ serenading the video-maker.

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As of November 2019, the video for the song has received over 2.1 billion views on the video-sharing website YouTube, making it the 37th most viewed video of all time on the site.



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