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VIDEO: Indian teacher forces female students to clean toilet

CHENNAI: A shocking video has emerged from a government-run school in Indian state Tamil Nadu where a school principal forced girl students to clean toilet.

As soon as the video went viral showing some students of a government girls higher secondary school cleaning toilets on orders of a teacher, the authorities galvanized into action and ordered prompt inquiry into the matter.

The alleged incident happened at the RM Jain Government Girls Higher Secondary School in Tiruvallur which has about 1,000 students studying from classes six to 12, according to the Times of India.

Some Tamil television channels aired visuals purportedly showing a girl in uniform scrubbing a toilet floor with what appeared to be small piece of cloth.

The girl cleaning the toilet could be heard weeping. She is also heard asking another girl to fetch some water. In the video footage, the girl appears and pours water on the floor.

A district education official, who held an inquiry into the incident, told PTI: “We have conducted inquiry today and forwarded our report to higher authorities.”

Three children were allegedly asked to clean the toilets by a teacher, it was said in a report.

Video by Indian TV Channel Mirror Now



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