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Indian forces battled two militants for 56 hours in held-Kashmir

SRINAGAR, INDIAN-OCCUPIED KASHMIR: Indian forces on Wednesday claimed to kill two militants holed up inside a government building at Pampore after an exhausting gun battle of more than 56 hours.

There were reports of two to three militants in the building of the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI), but Indian forces had to search all fifty rooms of the building before calling off the operation after more than two days, Times of India reported.

Indian law-enforcement agencies were unable to contain the militants and continued to pound the building since Monday, when militants stormed the building and took positions. Elite commandos were also called in to neutralise them.

The seven-storey building has been reduced to a skeleton, as many of the outer walls were also completely, and the Indian forces also considered destroying the building.

One militant was killed yesterday on Tuesday while another was killed today after which Indian forces called off the operation.

Over 50 rockets, machine guns and hundreds of grenades  were used in the operation, while loud shelling could be heard even ten kilometres away in the capital Srinagar.

According to an Indian Army official, “The operation was tricky and we did not want any collateral damage. We took our time; this is a building which has 60 rooms which had 60 bathrooms also. That’s the reason it took time to clear the rooms,” NDTV reported.

There have been no classes held in the institute due to the ongoing unrest since the assassination of 22-year-old freedom fighter Burhan Wani in July.

The same institute was the scene of a major attack in February, in which five Indian soldiers were killed and three militants were shot dead.

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