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Indian girl shot twice and raped numerous times, still manages to survive

An Indian teenage girl, who was on her way to home after returning from the market, was kidnapped by three men in an SUV. According to details, the victim was returning to her home in Greater Noida, a suburban area in New Delhi when she was taken by force by three men. The girl was kidnapped on November 22 and taken to a farm where she was raped repeatedly.

More than ten days after the ordeal, the girl was taken to an open field and shot twice by the suspects. In order to make sure that the girl had died, the men tossed her into a well after shooting her. Yet, the raped and severely injured girl was determined to live. According to reports, she yanked one of the bullets lodged into her chest after gaining consciousness, while another remained lodged in her back.

The owner of the farmhouse, Babal, found the naked 13 year-old girl inside the well screaming the very next morning. His nephew was the one who had spotted her and after seeing her inside the well, he rescued her at once.
“At first, I didn’t believe him but I rode my bike to the well and could hear a girl’s scream. We informed the police and dropped down ropes. I have never run so fast as I did to get the rope. I just wanted this child to live,” he said.

The villagers instructed the girl to hold the rope firmly, as they yanked her out of the well. They wrapped her up inside a blanket.
“The girl told me she is in pain but wants to live,” said Babal to an Indian website. “Tell the girl she is very brave. I hope she does well in life. Her survival, her life is a miracle,” he added.

The three men were arrested shortly after the incident and the girl was treated in a hospital.



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