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Video of rare Indian Grey Hornbill sitting on balcony goes viral

MUMBAI: A pair of Indian Grey Hornbill, a rare and nearly extinct bird, was spotted sitting on the balcony of a building in Mumbai as lower pollution levels owing to Covid restrictions are attracting the birds to the cities.

In a video that went viral on social media, the pair of Indian Grey Hornbill can be seen sitting on the railing and can be heard squealing.


Taking to the social networking website, Twitter, Dr. Rahul Baxi shared the video and asked the netizen users to guess the name of the bird.

”Good morning. Guess these birds. Spotted at the residence of one of our senior doctors in Matunga, Mumbai, ” he wrote.

The footage has gone viral and people are thrilled to know that such rare birds exist in their vicinity. Many also shared interesting facts and anecdotes about these birds while others advised the doctor to keep pieces of fruits in his balcony for the birds to eat. Another said, “Indian Grey Hornbill. They are very shy birds, the person recording this is very lucky to have seen them so close.”



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