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Indian leader receives death threats over questioning ‘surgical strike’

KARACHI: Extremists in India are giving Indian National Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam and his family death threats over demanding proof of Indian Army’s ‘surgical strike’ in Pakistan and calling it fake, ARY News reported.

Nirupam’s wife said all the family was receiving death threats after the politician demanded proof of the so-called strike.

Sanjay Nirupam had said, “Every Indian wants surgical strikes against Pakistan but not a fake one just to extract political benefits.”

He is not the first person to become victim of Indian extremists. Earlier, CM New Delhi and Aam Aadmi leader Arvind Kejriwal has been splashed with black ink for questioning authenticity of the surgical strike.

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The Indian government has failed to come up with a rational answer to the questions of proof of the surgical strike. In fact, in an indirect reference towards the surgical strike, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a recent statement said neither India has attacked any country nor it was hungry for territory or other state.

Bollywood acto Om Puri was termed traitor in a similar jibe and he was forced to apologise over his remarks against the Indian Army.

Nirupam’s wife Geeta has also been receiving abusive and vulgar calls.

“Has nobody ever spoken against the government before?” she asked surprisingly.

The Indian politician has been irked by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘hired trolls’.

He said, “If Modi keeps on allowing his hired trolls to abuse my mother, means he and his followers are product of gutter politics.”

“Respecting mother is supreme human quality. If Modi doesn’t realise this, he has no right to flaunt his mother in future.”



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