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Indian man finally gets gold medal 47 years after exam

But, Mr Singhvi – now a retired civil servant – is extremely happy after getting his much-awaited medal.

His legal battle with his university officials started back in 1969 when the Rajasthan University allegedly placed him second in its awards list.

As a result, Mr Singhvi was forced to contest the result as he thought he deserved the first place instead of the second.

After years of legal battle, pain and unjustified delays by the university, Mr Singhvi, finally received his medal on Thursday.

Medal Post

“I am happy, but I wish I had received this medal long ago. It would have helped my career in the civil service,” said the retired civil servant.

Mr Singhvi told he always believed that the university’s system to determine the topper was wrong and so he decided to file a legal case in 1969.

In 1975, a lower court gave the decision in his favour and even his university agreed that he came top in the exams. But Sawai Singh, who was originally awarded the gold medal, confronted the decision in a higher court.

Mr Singhvi’s long 34-year legal fight ended in the year 2003 when the Rajasthan high court declared him the true winner of the gold medal and Mr Singh also decided not to appeal against the verdict.

Unfortunately, he had to wait for another 13 years to get his medal due “procedural delays” as claimed by the university.

What an inspirational example to fight for what you believe in!



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