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Indian man puts up ‘need a girl for marriage’ hoardings across city

Commonly, we have seen large hoarding banners in cities related to political events or advertisements for different products.

But unusually, attention-grabbing hoardings were seen in Kottayam district of Kerala, India in which the 35-year-old man has written a requirement for a bride.

Aneesh Sebastian has positioned enormous flex hoardings in front of s sawmill he owns in Kanakkari close to Ettumanur.

The 35-year-old has additionally posted an image of the board on his Facebook web page.

The board reads that the man has no demands and give importance to good values in life. The flex board has a big image of the 35-year-old man.

In flex board, his cell quantity and WhatsApp quantity are additionally written. It additionally has an e-mail ID written and asks the lady or her household to get married.

According to Aneesh Sebastian, such an idea struck him as he was already late in marriage and was fed up to discover the lady he likes.

“I got up a concept that why not I put a hoarding in such a manner in order that many individuals know that I want a lady for marriage,” he told the local media outlet.

Ever since the flex was put up, Sebastian has been receiving several inquiries, even from parents of girls working abroad.



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