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Indian man tries to marry cobra!

Apparently, some matches are not made in heaven but right here on Earth.

The peculiar intending groom was apparently overzealous and eagerly anticipating his marriage to the reptile. A large crowd had gathered at the temple where he was to be wed until police disrupted the impending ritual and dispersed the crowd. Sandeep Patel, 27, was convinced he could also turn into a snake at night, when he used to be in a deep trance. What’s more strange, Patel had also informed people that the snake had promised to wed him on Easter Sunday!

A mammoth crowd of around 12,000 to 15,000 people had gathered to witness the uncanny union at Badwapur in Phoolpur state. The priest who was to wed the two, stated that Sandeep had been displaying traits of a snake since his childhood.

He had said: “Sandeep walks, drinks and flickers his tongue just like a snake.”

After police intervened and broke up the marriage, arresting Sandeep and his father for ‘breaching the peace’, the crowd threatened to riot. The situation was placed under control when additional reinforcements were called to restore order.




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