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WATCH: Indian man turns toilet into home

ODISHA, India: An elderly man in an Indian village created his own little abode in a toilet after being denied home from the government.

Resident of Jalada village of Odisha’s Rourkela district, man named Chotu Rautia’s forwarded several requests for a house under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) to the relevant authorities but they fell onto deaf ears, reported the ANI.

toilet into home india


After finding he is being given no heed, he began living in the 4 feet x 5 feet toilet that he managed to get under another government scheme.

“My house has broken, now where will I sleep?” asked Rautia.

toilet india

Rautia added that he ran from pillar to post and narrated his ordeal, but to no avail.

The tiny toilet has Rautia’s clothes and a mosquito net hanging on a line, his vessels lie scattered on the floor next to a stove.

toilet into home

The footage of his unusual abode went viral on the social media, prompting government officials to take notice and now they assert that the man was living outside the toilet, not inside it.

toilet into home india

Meanwhile, Block Development Officer Lathikata asserted that the man has been living outside the toilet, and not inside it.

toilet home

Local district officer Lathikata said the municipal corporation will try and help him to get a house.

Video courtesy: ANI



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