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Indian media’s fake audio notes to prove Balakot air strikes ridiculed on social media

As if faking surgical strike or air strikes was not enough, Indian news channels have set a new trend in the fake news business.

Numerous mainstream Indian channels are running fake audio notes to prove that Pakistan is hiding the “damage” Indian Air Force did in Balakot despite the fact the numerous media persons have gone there and seen trees and crows die in the so-called “air strike”.

The Indian news channels while trying to prove that their IAF men actually did some damage probably tasked some dubbing artists from Bollywood to make fake audio notes as Pakistanis living near Balakot who said that they witnessed some “Qayamat Ka Manzar” in Balakot that day.

The first video released by a Hindi news channel generate a lot of laughs as the channel claimed that it has obtained an audio conversation between two terrorists while all audience could hear were two Indians talking to each other posing as Pakistani Muslims in typical Bollywood fashion.

“Janab, Lag Gai, buhat grenad fatay (not phatay)” was all one could hear and of course laugh.


Then came Aaj Tak’s Anjana Om Kashyap and India Today’s Rahul Kanwal (he was also insulted by fellow Indian Abhijeet recently) who produced some more fake audio notes this time claiming that some Pakistan Army men too died during the air strike (which actually lasted four minutes and damaged some trees only).

Rahul Kanwal, being a senior journalist and a face of mainstream Indian media, was widely ridiculed on social media for these fake audio notes.

Renowned Pakistani Journalist Javeria Siddique even nominated Rahul for Pulitzer Prize.

Here is how he was trolled!

Pulitzer Prize walay “Janab” Rahul ko dhond rhy hain, wrote Javeria Siddique Arshad.


Then came some advice

The false claims explained

In the wee hours of February 26, Indian aircraft intruded the LoC near Muzaffarabad sector, however they scrambled back following timely response from the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Major General Asif Ghafoor informed in a tweet, Indian Air Force violated the LoC and the prompt response from the Pakistan Air Force compelled Indian jets to go back.

He said “facing timely and effective response from the PAF, [Indian jets] released [their] payload in haste while escaping, which fell near Balakot.” However, no casualties or damage was reported during the incident, DG ISPR added.


The very next day two IAF fighter jets were shot down by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in broad day light. The Indian fighter jets violated Line of Control (LoC) today, and in a robust response, the PAF destroyed two aircraft of IAF inside Pakistani airspace.

One Indian pilot named Abhinandan was arrested during the operation.



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