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Indian media kicks-off anti-ISI campaign after Jang Group’s lawsuit

KARACHI: After the sending of a legal notice to Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) by Jang Group, hostile Indian media has now become the voice of Geo TV and Indian news channels have once again kicked-off an anti-ISI campaign – ARY News reports.

According to details, Geo TV and Jang Group have again started targeting ISI, while Daily Jang at its front page published a story about a lawsuit filed against the ISI and the Ministry of Defense, demanding a compensation worth of Rs 50 billion for calling the media group a traitor.

Well, how can the Indian media stay quiet, when Daily Jang provides a chance to speak venom about ISI? Indian news channels made headlines of an intense campaign against ISI and Pakistan Army, with a clear motive to defame and to weaken the prime intelligence agency and security institution of Pakistan.

The Geo TV Network is not concerned about the assassination attempt on Hamid Mir or the assailants, it seems more eager to malign the prime intelligence agency of Pakistan.

Here, the question rises are the defense institutions criticized resorting to such cheap tactics in any of the democratic and civilized countries?

None of the states has any such example, the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is notorious enough for its controversial policies, but do the American media level such allegations on CIA?

Indian agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is known for bombings, forced disappearances of Indian citizens and brutal killings, yet does the Indian media accuse RAW?

This is also a bare truth that CIA and RAW both tend to weaken Pakistan’s ISI, now it’s up to the people of Pakistan to decide what agenda Geo/Jang Group are acting upon.

This is not an allegation, but a question is being raised.



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