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Indian police fooled by fake Rs 5,000 Pakistani note

HARYANA: Indian police on Sunday claimed to have seized a Pakistani Rs 5,000 currency note tied from a red balloon in Sirsa district.

However, the Indian police failed to verify genuineness of the note. Both sides of the note are clearly inscribed with a line ‘Jaali Note’ (fake note) on the front and ‘Salam Pakistan’ on the back in Urdu — an inscription having no resemblance to the real note.


Indian media reported that the balloon with some Urdu inscription and the Pakistani currency note bearing the image of Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah was found in the field of Krishan numberdar. The note had State Bank of Pakistan written on it.

note fb 1

Police said they got information from numberdar under Baraguda police station Baraguda SHO Yadvinder Singh said they had seized some chemical tied to the balloon and it had been sent to the forensic team.


Here’s how the real Pakistani Rs 5000 note looks like…

pakistan note

this may help the neighbouring country police prevent becoming an object of universal derision in future 🙂



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