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Indian president greets Pakistanis on national day

NEW DELHI: Indian President Pranab Mukherjee has greeted the Pakistani nation and the government in connection with national day celebrations.

“Greetings to (the) government and people of Pakistan on their national day,” tweeted Mukherjee.

Moreover he wrote, “India is committed to building ties with Pakistan in an environment free from terror and violence.”

The greetings were extended as the nation celebrates the 77th Pakistan Day with patriotic zeal.

Earlier in his national day address, President Mamnoon Hussain had said, “We are ready for dialogue with India and want to resolve the incomplete agenda of the division of the subcontinent, in accordance with the UN resolutions on Kashmir.”

Pakistan Day commemorates March 23, 1940, when the Muslim League demanded the establishment of separate nations to protect Muslims in the then British colony of India. The day is also marked to commemorate the declaration of Pakistan as an Islamic republic on the same day in 1956.



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