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Indian soldiers to be court-martialled for staging encounters in Kashmir

Srinagar: India has decided to court-martial two Indian army officers along with four soldiers for staging an encounter in Indian-occupied Kashmir in which three labourers were killed.

Colonel Rajesh Kalia, the Defence spokesperson for Indian Army’s northern command said the concerned ‘encounter’ occurred three years ago, and the decision to take action against the soldiers came after investigations over the incident had been completed.

The incident happened in the last week of 2010 in a village called ‘Maazhil” in District Kupwara, Northern Kashmir. Local police had investigated the incident and filed cases against nine Indian soldiers plus two Kashmiris working for the Indian army.

The army conducted its own investigation though, headed by Brigadier Sanga.

Colonel Kalia said: “the people want rapid justice for the incident and our decision reflects their sentiments.’

When news of the sham encounter first broke in 2010, Kashmiris led large-scale protests against the killings for a long time. To quell the protests, Indian paramilitary troops and police fired at the protesters and shot dead over 120 civilians, injuring hundreds and arresting a large number of young boys as well.

A few months ago, the army conducted a two-week operation to hunt down suspected rebels in disputed Kashmir after a series of gun battles in which at least eight alleged militants were killed.


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