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Indian national Hamid Ansari released from prison, says FO

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office on Monday said an Indian national, Hamid Nehal Ansari, has been released from a jail in Peshawar upon completion of his sentence.

A spokesperson for the Foreign Office, Dr Muhammad Faisal, said: “#HamidNehalAnsari, an Indian spy who had illegally entered Pakistan and was involved in anti-state crimes and forging documents, is being released upon completion of his sentence and is being repatriated to India.”

Ansari was tried by a military court which awarded him three years’ rigorous imprisonment. He was arrested by the security agencies from a hotel in Kohat in 2012.

He had crossed into Pakistan via Afghanistan without travel documents and with a fake ID card by the name of Hamza.

Ansari had travelled to Afghanistan from India on a tourist visa and then went to Jalalabad to enter Pakistan. His whereabouts were unknown to his family members for almost three years.



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