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Indians gather Rs 13 lakh to fund ailing Pakistani girl’s treatment

Pakistan-India are at loggerheads these days, with occasional cross-border ceasefire violations and accusations dampening relations between the two countries. However, the people of both countries are sick of the never-ending hostilities between the two states and do demonstrate good feelings towards each other from time to time.

Such is the case with 15 year-old Saba Tariq Ahmed, a resident of Karachi who was suffering from Wilson’s disease. Wilson’s disease is a condition in which causes poisonous accumulation of copper in the body. Some Indians contributed almost Rs 13 lakh for her treatment in Mumbai’s Jaslok hospital for her treatment.

“Saba and her mother, Nazia, boarded an afternoon flight for Karachi. They were extremely happy about how well the treatment worked for Saba,” Jaslok hospital CEO Dr Taran Gainchandani said on Monday.

An NGO, Bluebells Community, raised Rs 7 lakh from Mumbaikars to help Saba. “But Saba did not respond too well to the regularly prescribed medicines for Wilson’s disease, ” said liver specialist, Dr Aabha Nagral.

When Saba returned to Karachi in May and her condition started to worse, more Indians stepped up to provide relief to the ailing teen. The campaign started on India’s Independence Day on 15th August and the mission was to gather as much as Rs 10 lakh for Saba’s treatment, which would last for 3 months and alternative medicine which was not available for free in India and Pakistan.

“We spread Saba’s story so far and wide that we got an American NGO, Rachel and Drew Katz Foundation, contributing Rs 4 lakh and a London-based NGO promising free supply of medicines,” said Shabia Walia, who belonged to the Bluebells community.

Dr. Nagral stated that Saba and her mother Nazia were a little skeptical over their visit to India.

“Nazia said she had been warned that things would not be smooth in India, and she was happy that her fears did not come true. She said Mumbai had been full of warmth and happiness for her and her daughter.”



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