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Indus River in medium flood at Guddu, Sukkur barrages

SUKKUR: Indus River is presently reported in medium flood at Guddu and Sukkur barrages, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

The water level on the rise at Guddu Barrage after flood water from Kot Mithan in Punjab is entering in Indus here, according to the flood control room record.

According to the fresh data of the river water, inflow of Indus River at Guddu barrage has been recorded 4,22,683 cusecs and outflow of water at the barrage 3,86,041 cusecs.

The inflow of the river at Sukkur has been gauged at 3,63,625 cusecs and outflow measured at 3,03,625 cusecs.

Indus is said to be in medium flood at both barrages in northern part of Sindh province.

The river water inflow at Kotri Barrage, in southern part of Sindh, has been 1,82,622 cusecs, while the outflow of water at Kotri barrage has been measured 1,46,485 cusecs, according to the river water data released by the concerned department.

Moreover, the water inflow and outflow at Tarbela Dam has been recorded 1,83,000 cusecs and 1,82,700 cusecs respectively.

The water inflow and outflow at Kalabagh barrage have been measured 2,16,537 and 2,08,537 cusecs respectively.

At Chashma barrage the water inflow has been recorded 2,24,479 cusecs and water discharge 1,70,000 cusecs.

The water inflow has been recorded 2,73,377 cusecs at Taunsa barrage and outflow 2,63,177 cusecs, according to the fresh water data.

According to some experts, Pakistan has narrowly escaped a disaster as inflows from Indian side would reach River Indus at Guddu barrage when flows in the river are descending.

Had flow of over 100,000 cusecs from India had join medium flood of mighty Indus River a couple of weeks back, it could have become a major threat to lives and property in Sindh.



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