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Indus Treaty: India weighing hard options to claim Indus resources

The Indian government was all set to take a hard action against Pakistan by possibly blocking its water as “it weighs its options to claim Indus resources and that too without breaking the word of the treaty,” The Timed on India (TOI) reported on Monday.

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Indian officials will present to the prime minister all the “pros and cons” of the treaty which distributes waters of the Indus river system between India and Pakistan, added the TOI report.

It said the Modi government took the newest decision to examine the Indus treaty comes days after an Indian foreign ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup said “eventually any cooperative arrangement requires goodwill and mutual trust on both sides” while India did not intend to violate the 1960 treaty.

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The likely meeting on Monday also indicates that Modi might be looking for an advantage; the report said and added that India seems to be ready to try pressure tactics against Pakistan since a military action may not be on the table.

During his nationally televised speech on Saturday, Modi had hinted that he would work to isolate Pakistan internationally and a fresh look at the Indus treaty is a new dimension to Modi’s policy towards Pakistan, TOI report said.



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