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Hearing-impaired infant’s reaction to first voice goes viral

Hearts melted all over the internet after a hearing-impaired baby could be seen in a viral video listening to her parents voice for the first time, squeaking with happiness.

A father shared a heartwarming moment when he switched on his daughter’s hearing aids in the morning and her reaction to her mother’s voice is winning hearts online.

Paul Addison shared the video on his Twitter feed with the caption “When our daughter’s new hearing aids are turned on in the morning.”

During the clip, which has since attracted more than 16,000 likes on Twitter,  Georgina’s mother is heard telling her baby: ‘OK, so we just turned your hearing on. Shall we say hello to everybody? Shall we say hello?’

The playful infant wriggles around with joy and tries to respond to the voice in a series of happy squeals, before her mother replies: ‘That’s a very loud hello.’

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“It’s always great to see your child happy and be able to access sound,” says Addison, who lives with his wife Louise, in Harrogate in the United Kingdom (UK).

Georgina, who is 4 months old, was diagnosed as severely deaf in September and recently got hearing aids. Each morning, her parents turn the aids on and talk to her. The transformation from the moment before they turn on the aids to after is astounding, Addison says.

The social media users showed their extreme love over the reaction of the baby.



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