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40-year-old arrested for infecting 22 people with Covid

MALLORCA: In a dreadful turn of events taking place in a Spanish town in the midst of time when the world struggles with the mess created by the pandemic, a 40-year-old Covid patient is charged with infecting at least 22 people as he not only continued with work while having clear symptoms but, allegedly, exposed people deliberately to the virus.

The people told police in a complaint that the man said he’d infect people with Covid as he sneezed and coughed on them after removing his mask at his workplace.

“I’d give everyone the virus,” people claimed he threated them.

Following this, the police said, 22 people at least came positive from his workplace. Seven people reported direct exposure to the virus while the fourteen others tested positive later on, according to the police.

Most of the people who reported testing Covid positive after exposure by this 40-year-old man are from his gym and workplace. It may also be noted that at least three of these 22 people were kids under 1-year-old.

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