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Inflation, major issue of Pakistan in 2013: Survey report

KARACHI: ARY Web team has conducted a random survey about the major problems faced by Pakistan during the year 2013 – ARY News reports.

According to details, the individuals consulted in this regard expressed random views that included terrorism, inflation, energy crisis, corruption and unrest.

During the survey, individuals also expressed some out of the box thoughts when asked about how these issues could be resolved.

One such man in his message to the rulers of Pakistan stated that first of all they will have to be honest if they seriously want to resolve issues.

Whereas, a heart wrenching reality was also expressed by another individual who elaborated how the masses have become maniac and psychologically tensed due to due to the target killings of more than 10 people on average on daily basis.

Yet some people also said that despite of the state engulfed in numerous issues, public awareness pertaining to different social matters increased in the year 2013, which they referred it to as an encouraging fact and a hopeful sign for the coming future of the nation.

However, inflation came out to be the issue that affected most of the people in Pakistan during 2013.

Meanwhile the result of same survey conducted through a poll on the website of ARY News is as follows; 42 percent people declared corruption to be the biggest problem of Pakistan this year, while 33 percent said it was terrorism.

17 percent masses termed energy crises as the main issue and 8 percent of them stated inflation.



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