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Interior minister slams TV talk shows over negative portrayal of Pakistan

HOUSTON: Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal says Pakistan is more peaceful and safer today than it was five years ago.

Speaking to the Pakistani community here, the minister said Pakistan is not what is portrayed in television talk shows. The second democratic government was going to complete its tenure, he added.

He said the PML-N government is portrayed to be reeling from crisis in prime-time television programmes.

The minister said Pakistan is more peaceful and safer today than it was five years back.

Highlighting the achievements of his party’s government, he said 11, 000 megawatts of electricity had been added to the national grid under the present government to end energy crisis.

He emphasized that Pakistan wanted ties with the United States based on mutual trust. “We don’t want any alms from Washington, but recognition of the efforts Pakistan has made to fight terrorism.”

He said the US had given Pakistan nothing more than a few F-16 fighter jets and missiles.

Commenting on criticism of the apex court by the PML-N chief, he said he respected courts, but their controversial decisions would attract criticism.



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