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International Anti Corruption Day today

International Anti-Corruption Day is being observed across the world today.

On 4th December 2000, General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) felt the importance of a document for anti corruption law and decided to form a committee on it. The Assembly, on 31st October 2003, approved to celebrate 9th December of every year as World Anti Corruption Day.
International Anti Corruption Day is a day for all the governments to join hands against corruption by creating awareness of the day and the prevailing issues around it. Today, groups working against corrupt practices conduct events to aware the masses to fight against the crime.

In Pakistan, the day is also being celebrated in which different ceremonies are being held.

Corruption has been a long standing issue in Pakistan. The recent events, such as the construction of the Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Employee’s Old Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) have been facing corruption issues worth billions of rupees. Each day is passing with more and more disclosures being made on these issues.

Outdated practices and the non-monitoring of the system contribute a great deal in the corruption statistics of the country. Claimants and people take support of political groups and parties whereas ghost employees in various departments are a shining example of the corrupt practices in the country.

It should be clarified that Transparency International, in its report, had disclosed that corruption had risen at an all time high in Government institutions and is still increasing at a rapid rate.

National Accountability Bureau (NAB), the institution working against corruption in Pakistan, is fighting against corruption. It has taken action against the corrupt officials and the ongoing corruption inside various state institutions.

Corruption is an issue which has to be controlled. It not only damages the institutions but it also leaves its mark on the reputation of the country across the world.



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