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International Human Rights Day today

International Human Rights Day is being observed across the world today.

Since 1950, United Nations (UN) observes 10th December as the International Human Rights Day. The object to mark the day is to protect the basic human rights and to promote an environment to live a better life.

According to a report by the United Kingdom (UK), Syria leads the table of countries who do not hold a good record of human rights followed by Sudan, Congo whereas Pakistan is at the fourth spot.

In Pakistan, sectarianism has emerged as the biggest threat to the human rights in the country. Other issues such as child labor, violence against women, missing persons, exploitation of the labors in the society are amongst the most concerning problems of our society.

Since the past five years, the number of countries posing a threat to the basic human rights against its own people has risen gradually. The total number of those countries have increased from 20 to 30. These states are mostly situated in the Middle East and the African region.

Every year on this date, the UN rewards the UN Human Rights Award to figures around the world for their services to provide or struggle for human rights. This year, Malala Yousufzai is amongst the people to receive the award.



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