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International Nurses Day being observed today

International Nurses Day is being observed today to pay tribute to the nursing profession around the world. 

The day is marked on 12 May of  each year on the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, who is considered as the pioneer of modern nursing.
Florence Nightingale came into this world on 12 May 1820 and was a known figure during the bloody 1850 Crimean War in the field of nursing. She rendered her services at the Barrack Hospital at Istanbul, formerly known as Scutari. She and her team attended to the wounded British soldiers throughout the conflict. 

Nightingale set new standards in the field of nursing which included the ward cleaning and ensuring the stocks of medical and food are complete.

On this day, the contributions and teachings of renowned and famous nurses of the world are highlighted through seminars, functions and different programs.  



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