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Interview with mother of T20 Captain Hafiz Sarfraz Ahmed

“My heart starts pounding vigorously when I see him playing on ground. Beads counting gets hasty. Prays slip out of my tongue for his success. I cannot watch his match continuously, just keep count of scores sporadically,” she said while talking to ARY News anchor Iqrar-ul-Hassan in Sar-e-Aam special program.

Sarfraz’s mother said his father made him Hafiz. He was not just good at extra-curricular activities, but studies as well.

“Initially, I was not interested in cricket at all. But, after Sarfraz got selected in team, now I watch all of the cricket matches with great interest.”

While recounting Sarfraz’s childhood days, she said the T20 captain’s father used to bring him back from cricket ground taunting “so young man, you will become Test cricketer now,” who knew at that time that Sarfraz was going to glorify Pakistan’s name in the future.

She said the first moment when she was extremely proud of her son was when Pakistan won match against India in Under-19 World Cup under his captaincy.

“I pray for his consistent performance,” she said.

To a query, the old mother said not just she but her whole family gets upset if Pakistan loses a match.




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