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Iqbal seeks unprecedented punishment for ‘malcontents’

A new type of revolution is being introduced in the country through containers, said the minister.

He condemned the speech of Dr. Tahirul Qadri wherein he subjected the parliament and opposition leader to criticism.

Those bragging to bring about revolution do not believe in constitution and rule of law, he lamented. He appealed the speaker to constitute a special committee to decide punishment for the protesters who had challenged the integrity and supremacy of the parliament.

He raged that protesting forces subject anyone to undue criticism whenever they want.

He said certain elements entered the PTV and shut its transmission for 45 minutes to imply that the state had failed. “I expect that soon the premises of the parliament will be cleared of protesters,” he added.

He vowed that the government would resist all extra-constitutional steps. He said Imran should also resign as his party president had levelled serious allegations against him.

The minister also mocked media coverage to Imran Khan during prime time. “Even whenever the PTI chief rises on the container and sneezes, is covered by the media as breaking news.”

He said nowhere in the world elections were conducted in the fair and transparent manner. “Even elections in the US a decade ago came under fire for being rigged [under the Bush administration].”

He asked the PTI chief to show government some glimpses of ‘new Pakistan’ if he had taken some initiatives in the Khyber Pakhtonkhwa. He concluded his hour-long speech by asking Imran to help government constructing cancer hospital in Islamabad.



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