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Iqrarul Hassan, producer granted bail in railway booking case

The special judge central, Justice Abdul Rasheed conducted the hearing of the case on Saturday, during which anchorperson Iqrarul Hassan and producer Wasim Qaisar also appeared before the court.

During the hearing, counsel of Iqrarul Hassan, Advocate Shaheen said that the team Sar-e-Aam conducted the sting operation to reveal corruption in railways, which led to betterment in Pakistan Railways’ cargo service and it also devised a proper procedure for transfer of goods.

He said that there was no malafide intention involved in recording the program, nor has police succeeded in establishing so.

After listening to the arguments, the court declared that the aired program was meant to expose corruption, while ARY News and Iqrarul Hassan have performed an act of national service.

“Railways should praise these efforts and ARY News should continue to strive against corruption”, said Justice Abdul Rasheed.

The investigation officer of the case also stated before the court that the investigations did not prove Sar-e-Aam team guilty.

He also said that he will write in his report that the program’s team did not dispatch goods with an intention that could be regarded as offence.

The court while confirming the bail of Iqrarul Hassan and Wasim Qaisar, asked them to deposit security bond worth of Rs 1000 along with a personal guarantor each.

On this occasion, Iqrarul Hassan said that today truth and righteousness have prevailed and vowed to continue his fight against all social evils.



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