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Iqrarul Hassan to expose lies by showing exclusive footage in today’s ‘Sar-e-Aam’

Iqrarul Hassan had conducted a sting operation last week which had exposed the lack of security at Sindh Assembly. However, MPA Kulsoom Chandio had falsely alleged that Kamran, who had wielded a pistol in the assembly to show how inadequate the security arrangements at Sindh assembly were, had been entered in the assembly via force.

Iqrarul Hassan will reveal the truth and air that very footage which puts to shame  rulers who told exorbitant lie regarding the sting operation. Who said and did what as opposed to what really happened will be made clear today as Iqrarul Hassan will present the footage for all to see in his program Sar-e-Aam today.

Iqrarul Hassan has issued a challenge in this regard and claimed that he would leave hosting Sar-e-Aam if even a minute’s clip of him entering the assembly with Sar-e-Aam team member Kamran can be shown.

Iqrar’s program Sar-e-Aam will be shown on ARY News at 07:05 pm today.



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