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Iran denounces Netanyahu 'lie-spreading' in US speech

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham, in a statement, denounced as “very repetitious and boring Netanyahu’s continuous lie-spreading about the goals and intentions behind Iran’s peaceful nuclear programme”.

In a rousing address to Congress, Netanyahu warned Iran was bent on subjugating and terrorising the Middle East, and that it was a threat to the entire world through its nuclear programme.

“Iran’s founding document promises the pursuit of jihad, and states are collapsing across the Middle East,” Netanyahu said in the speech to a joint meeting of the Congress.

The Iranian spokeswoman said the speech was a “sign of weakness” and that it revealed the isolation of “radical groups” in the Jewish state.

The anti-Iranian policy “is facing serious problems because of the continuous talks and Iran’s serious determination to overcome this fabricated crisis,” she was quoted as saying- AFP



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