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Iran observes Kashmir Black Day

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the Iranian nation have reiterated their support for the cause of people of Jammu & Kashmir through a series of events observed in several parts of Iran including, Tehran, says a press release received here.

The week long run up to the Kashmir Black Day comprised of lectures, talks, telecasting and screening of a documentary, articles and leaflets in newspapers, messages through banners and billboards, in the Iranian cities of Tehran, Mashhad, Zahidan and Qum in which illegal occupation and brutalities of Indian forces in Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir were condemned.

A seminar on Kashmir titled “Kashmir (Iran-e-Saghir) Cultural and Literary Relations” was held on 23rd October at Tehran University in which scholars and academicians highlighted the ongoing struggle of Kashmiris against Indian brutalities in Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

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The importance of cultural affinities between Iran and Jammu & Kashmir were also delved upon. Special articles and leaflets were published by Iranian print media in Persian dailies Khorasan and Jamhori Islami, and English daily Iran News, to remind Iranian masses about struggle of Kashmiris against atrocities being perpetrated by Indian occupying forces in Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

On 26-27 October, large banners and billboards displaying messages of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei supporting people of Jammu & Kashmir were installed at all of the Tehran City Metro Stations and major highways of Tehran.

An hour and twenty minutes long documentary titled “Look Beyond the Canvas”, produced by Mohsen Bramahani, highlighting the sufferings of Kashmiris through brutalities of Indian occupying forces in Jammu & Kashmir was aired nationwide by an Iranian TV channel on October 24 in collaboration with Tasneem News agency, Iran.

The documentary was also screened for public on October 27 which was attended by a large number of Iranian scholars, academicians, students, media personnel and diplomats. These developments reaffirm Iran’s support for the cause of oppressed people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

This enormous display of solidarity by Iran is a reminder of long lasting brotherly relations between Pakistan and Iran and is bound to go a long way in countering Indian oppression and brutalities in Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir.



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