Iran nuclear deal safeguards seem effective: Saudi FM

JEDDAH: An agreement reached this month to curb any Iranian attempt to get an atomic bomb appears to have effective safeguards, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister said on Thursday.

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But Adel al-Jubeir said Tehran’s support for regional “terrorism” remains a concern.

His comments came a day after US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter landed in Saudi Arabia as part of a regional tour aimed at reassuring Washington’s allies over the nuclear deal.

Riyadh and its Gulf neighbours share with Israel a concern that Iran, made wealthier under the agreement, will be more able to support its regional proxies.

They have also worried that Iran could still be able to develop an atomic weapon — sparking a regional nuclear race — despite the agreement reached this month with six major powers led by Washington.

But Jubeir said the deal includes an effective inspection mechanism, as well as a provision to reinstate sanctions if world powers feel Iran has not met its commitments.

“The US side assured us of the agreement, and we are now in consultation with the US government for the details, but in general it seems these goals are also achieved,” Jubeir said at a joint news conference with his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry.

The deal, which ended a 13-year standoff, requires Iran to curb its nuclear capabilities including the number of uranium centrifuges.

International monitors will supervise the process, which in exchange will ease an embargo that has crippled Iran’s economy.

The deal would see Iran’s oil exports gradually resume and billions of dollars in frozen assets unblocked.

Jubeir repeated his country’s position that Iran should take advantage of the deal to develop its own country and not to sow regional disorder, which “will be confronted firmly”.

Riyadh and its neighbours accuse their Shiite regional rival of meddling in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. -AFP

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Iran nuclear deal safeguards seem effective: Saudi FM

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