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ISIS ‘executes’ Iraqi man by drowning him in ‘dettol’

MOSUL: A global militant outfit Islamic State (ISIS) released a new video appearing to show them executing an Iraqi man in Mosul by drowning him in a disinfectant detergent liquid ‘Dettol’.

Syria’s independent press agency ARA News reported that the militants also broadcast a call between the man and an Iraqi radio station while drowning him in Dettol, a widely-used disinfectant.

They said that the victim supported “the government’s campaign to restore Mosul and said that the city needs to be cleansed with Dettol detergent.”


“This infidel has been supporting the Iraqi regime to take Mosul,” one of the militants was reportedly heard saying in the broadcast. The militant added that the city needs to be cleansed of “such infidels with Dettol”.

The number of ISIS suicide attacks reached 1,112 operations in Iraq and Syria 2016 alone, where 761 targeted the Iraqi armed forces and Peshmerga, 153 targeted the PKK, 133 of them the Syrian regime forces while 83 hit Syrian opposition groups and Turkish forces.



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