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Islamabad: Mob protests over young man’s death in police fire

ISLAMABAD: The death of a young man by police firing sparked rioting and protests at Islamabad’s IJP Road on Friday.

Angry people protested keeping dead body at the road and set a police post on fire.

Police has registered FIR against the policemen involved in the firing incident.

Taimur, a resident of Mardan, was fatally shot in Islamabad on Friday by a police officer allegedly after failing to stop at a checkpoint in sector I-10 of Islamabad.

Taimur received at least one bullet injury to the head after a policeman opened fire on his vehicle. He is reported to have died on the spot from the injury.

Police officials said they had asked Taimur to stop his car but he had sped off. The police opened fire at him after his alleged refusal to stop, police said.

A girl in the vehicle was reported to be unscathed in the incident.

According to sources, policemen also tried to keep the body in the mortuary of PIMS hospital.

The incident sparked rioting and protests on Islamabad’s IJP Road, with the victim’s family dismissing the police statement and saying there had been no prior warning or order to stop before the officer opened fire.

A case has been registered against the police officer at the Sabzi Mandi police station of Islamabad.



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