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Islamabad Police charge batons on journalists outside PEMRA office

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Police have revitalized the concept of police brutality, setting another example by charging batons and severely torturing journalists outside the PEMRA office here on Tuesday – ARY News reports.

Another dictatorship move by a democratic government was witnessed on Tuesday, when Islamabad Police was called in to suppress the voice of truth and justice.

According to details, Islamabad Police severely tortured peaceful journalists at protest against the closure of ARY News, when they tried to enter into the PEMRA office to record their protest.

Several journalists were injured as police charged batons indiscriminately.

These journalists had gathered outside the PEMRA office and laid their three demands against unjust decision by PEMRA. Journalists vowed to continue their protest movement until the Information Minister, Pervez Rasheed does not excuse, while they also demanded PEMRA to declare the decisions of Pervez Rathore as null and void.

Their final demand was for a written assurance by the Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif that no action will be taken against any media organization.

Meanwhile, journalist organizations have strongly condemned brutal police torture over peaceful journalists and demanded the Information Minister to step down from his post, over such an injustice.



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