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Islamic State releases video showing severe brutality

According to Daily Mail, at the beginning of the horrific clip, several men wearing orange jumpsuits are locked in a car before an IS militant blows the vehicle with a rocket propelled grenade from point blank range, burning the victims to death.

The second clip in the video shows a batch of Islamic State prisoners being lowered into a swimming pool while being locked inside a massive metal cage. It then switches to show the men thrashing underwater before losing consciousness and drowning.

The film returns to show explosives as another set of seven victims before being decapitated with explosives tied to their necks.

The explosive wires are tied around all of their necks as they are forced to kneel in a line. The explosive wires are then detonated. The violence in the video has all been captured with high quality equipment.

Islamic State has used such gruesome films in the past to strike fear and terror into their opponents.



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