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Island with a population of only 32 looking for new residents

People always dream of living the quite and peaceful life and they do everything to achieve this dream. Well, the chances are open now to achieve this dream as an island off the coast of Scotland is appealing for new residents to boost its population.

The Isle of Rum, which currently has just 32 residents, wants outsiders to apply for new houses that are being built on the island’s only village, Kinloch.

The island currently faces a need for more people, especially children to take up places in the school. The current residents hope that young families will be interested in moving to the island as if offers a peaceful and healthier life.

The official website of the Isle of Rum page says, the island is looking for ‘dynamic individuals or families who are keen to fit into the island way of life.’

“The community land owning Trust, who own most of Kinloch village, is looking for dynamic individuals or families who are keen to fit into the island way of life and help drive positive change for this young and growing community. Rum has a population of between 30 and 40 adults and children. We have a small, dynamic Primary and Nursery School,” the website’s ‘News & Events’ section reads.

“All homes have high-quality fiber broadband and the island has a wide range of job opportunities such as in childcare, food production, house maintenance, fish farming or marine and mountain tourism,” it adds.

Residents are required for the island four eco-homes that are currently under construction. These are two-bedroom homes that will offer ‘sweeping views’ of the Rum Cullin.

The website goes on to mention that new residents will also have many working opportunities on the island.

All the homes are being made with ‘major support’ from the Scottish Government’s Rural and Islands Housing Fund, as mentioned on the website.



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