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Ismail vows a case in London, if a single worker attacked

PTI leaders on Saturday evening reached Karimabad while leading a caravan of vehicles carrying party workers and supporters.

Addressing the workers there, PTI contestant from NA-246, Imran Ismail accused that the incident which took place at the PTI election camp last night, was all planned.

“MQM workers attacked the camp office in an organized manner and vandalized the property”, he alleged. “MQM activists also swept away the remains of the camp later at night and the lender is deeply aggrieved over losing the goods he rented to PTI, but is afraid of coming forth”.

Ismail urged the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to take an action as according to him this is all ‘pre-poll rigging’ for the people are being threatened.

“MQM has already lost it and the PTI has won the by-polls”, he proclaimed.

While addressing to the populace of the constituency, the PTI candidate promised to end the issues like water and power shortage, target killing, extortion as well as poor condition of roads and alleys, provided if the locals made PTI win the be-election.

Speaking further, he said, “We are not going to be afraid of anyone and warned that if a single PTI activist receives a mere scratch, then a case will be registered against Altaf Hussain in London.”

Imran Ismail also lamented that his party does not require MQM leaders at its camp to avoid any untoward incident, adding that our security rests with Almighty Allah.

He demanded for the conduct of election under the supervision of Pakistan Army, or at least Rangers, with the paramilitary personnel deployed both inside and outside the polling stations.



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