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ISPR releases new edition of book "Indo – Pakistan War 1965 a Flashback"

The book is titled as Indo – Pakistan War 1965 a Flashback which provides undeniable evidences of the historic facts of 1965 war, which India has been denying ever since.

The documentary evidences in the book manifest how Pakistani armed forces seized the weaponry left by Indian troops.

The book also brings evidences of India’s failure in its wicked motives of capturing Lahore.

The publication also has a mention of the lionhearted sons of the Pakistani soil who put their lives on stake and achieved that remarkable victory of the history of warfare which stunned the entire world that how Pakistan defeated an enemy five times larger than it.

One such picture shows the Pakistan troops taking hold of Khem Karan – a central area of Indian state of Rajasthan.

Click here for accessing the e-copy of the complete book: https://www.ispr.gov.pk/Indo-Pakistan War 1965 a Flashback



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