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It is no honor to work in Indian films: Mustafa Qureshi

KARACHI: Veteran Pakistani actor Mustafa Qureshi said the Pakistani artists who were forced to leave work in the middle of films should not regret it that now they would not get work in Bollywood, but they should be happy over it, good riddance.

“It is no honor to work in Indian films. India has never accepted our artists with their heart. They have always used our actors for their own benefits,” he said.

This should be noted that Pakistani artists have left incomplete the projects they were working on in India after they received death threats from Indian Hindu extremists.

Mustafa Qureshi said after dropout from Indian movies, Pakistani artists have ample opportunities to work in local industry.

He said those who have been working in Bollywood should now fully focus on the movies being made in Lollywood. Our directors and producers should also make good use of their experiences, he said.

The Pakistani actor said those who worked in Pakistani flicks also rose to fame. The fame which was real and not artificial.

“It is need of the time to give those actors opportunities in local industry who have worked overseas,” he said.



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